Rental Search on the Central Coast


One of the biggest hot topics right now is the search for a proper rental in California, anywhere really, but I’ll say California since that’s where I live.

It used to be, and this wasn’t very long ago. You would pick up the newspaper and there would be ten, maybe twenty ads in the rental pages. You would circle the ones in your price range and give the landlord a call. They would say, can you afford it? You would say yeah, and there you go.

These days, no one advertises in the newspaper. They use craigslist or they go through a property management place. So, you weight your options. Craigslist is full of scams, one person only listings, and single room rentals. Property management companies require that you and your spouse have perfect credit. Hey, we’re not trying to buy a home here, we just want to rent! That doesn’t matter. Oh yes, and for some reason they hate cats.

Okay, okay. I don’t want this to turn into a rant. It is something I am very passionate about. If you walk into the grocery store, talk to just one person in a day that you don’t personally know they will mention the housing market. That either they, or one of their close friends is looking for a place to live.

My husband and I are still searching for a rental that allows a married couple and who doesn’t mind a cute, gray cat to live with us as well. The frustrating part, is that with every time we have almost been able to get into a place, George has been the deal breaker. A cat who sulks around outside, eating mice and rodents, watching over the yard with a fierce look on his face. He only comes in for cuddles! I promise.

Here’s my question for you. What has been your secret trick for finding the perfect rental? Or have you? What has been your struggle? Any advice?


4 thoughts on “Rental Search on the Central Coast

  1. Hear in Monterey if you find a place listed on Craigslist you better jump fast because in 10 min it will be rented. If you see a sighn in front of a cute place that says “for rent” 99 times out of 100 it is a sketchy company that takes your info and will call when they “find a place matching your needs” (which is never that cute place you called about).
    What we did is looked into diffrent rental agency, they all kind of have diffrent requrments. When you find one that you think might work with you, you start to build a relationship. Check in every couple days, let them see your face and get to know you. The hope is that they will say ” this place will be coming up its not on the market yet…”.

    Hope this helps

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  2. The housing situation in California (especially along the coast) has become truly heartbreaking! Yes, I remember with much fondness when the only criteria were whether you had the amount for rent and the deposit! Moment of nostalgia: my first apartment was in my hometown of Ventura, CA. It was $100 a month, was in a building built in the 1930s, and was very near a food spot named Johnny’s Mexican Food, so all kinds of delicious smells drifted up to our little abode. Loved it!
    Back to reality…I’m not sure I could go through the pain of trying to rent again! I’m trying to find my 89 year old mother a rental, after she lost her apartment of 13 years, and there is no more real help for her than if she were a 22 year old student! Yes, it makes me angry – it’s just wrong!
    I got off the renter train by purchasing homes, though in most areas of California that is tricky! In 2003, at the height of the real estate boom, we were able to buy a sweet 1900 Victorian, when we were living in Visalia, for only $120,000, and yes, it was in perfect condition! Those were happy times and I will love that house forever. As it turns out, life had some odd twists and turns, and when the market was in full crash in 2010, we lost that house. But we had purchased a mobile home in San Luis Obispo, and were ready to move back because we were so homesick for the coast.
    THAT is the “secret” in areas where regular stick-built homes are too far out of reach pricewise…buy a mobile home! Forget about the stigma of “trailer parks”! Though some dumpy ones still exist in some areas, the increasing value of purchasing one’s own home of *any* size has made it more likely that homes of all types will be maintained and improved, and so will the “mobile home villages”, by default. Besides, “tiny homes” are trending! 🙂 We purchased ours for $38,000, with a down payment that was no more than what we would pay to get into a rental, and added many upgrades. Between that and the market, it’s now worth almost twice that. But “shhhh”…it’s still a secret for cheaper housing for now! 😉

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