The Human Saga


Normal is different for everyone. No two people will have the same view of what is usual, typical, expected. We all have different backgrounds, values and influences. That is why there is so much diversity in the world. It’s a good thing. We were created to be individuals with different personalities and the power to choose.

Sometimes, it just hits me. The fact that every single person you see is their own person. We know this right? Of course we know this, but doesn’t it ever just sneak up on you? The idea that they are having their own tumultuous thoughts, just like you?

You might be worried about your housing situation, what you are going to cook for dinner, the bills that are stacking up on your desk at home. The person who annoys you as you drive to work on the freeway might be afraid for their loved one who is living in a war torn country, or they are wondering how to afford their next meal. Maybe it isn’t as drastic as that, but when you take a moment to understand the complexity of this very simple aspect. Doesn’t it just amaze you?

We are all connected. We are affected by the bad things that happen in the world. The sadness of losing a loved one in death, the joy of a new baby in the family, the excitement of making new friends. We are people. As individuals we may feel very alone at times, but we are all connected by the most simple truth. We are human.

My favorite novels consist of a saga, a book about generations of people in a family or those who hold a mystery in their hearts and are all connected in some way. Life, is like this. You may not ever realize how many people you effect in life, but they will. Do you want to be the person who gave them strength to keep enduring? I do!




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