For the Person Who Hates Change


I thrive on routine.

I think this is one of the reasons why change scares me so badly.

Despite my vile loathing of my schedule changing dramatically. I find that when circumstances need a change, I do it willingly as long as it will be best for Travis and I.

As I grow older, the years just seem to go by more and more quickly. I know that this is something most people do start to feel, once they are faced with “real life.” This happens after you start working full-time, when you start a family or even when you are in college (or sometimes even in high school). Time stars to pass so quickly that it is hard to do everything that you need to do in a day or a week or a month or even a year.

I used to think that I could create a plan, or a schedule, for a week and it could be the same for a whole year. I could expect the expected and it would be the best sort of normal routine.

Well that just doesn’t happen.

Even if you have a set schedule each week, you have so many other responsibilities that need time as well.

I do thrive on routine.
And yet I’ve discovered that the key to staying happy during a change in circumstances is to keep my eye simple.

When I am faced with a huge possible change, I am filled with an intense amount of anxiety, fear, hope and excitement.

For several weeks these kind of emotions have swirled around in my brain.
I am happy at the idea of moving to a new area, but I am also terrified.
I hate change!
So why am I looking forward to this?
Well, I’ll be with my sweetheart, Travis, and we will have our cat, George. It will be his third giant move in his little kitty life, but I know he’ll be fine.

Everything is up in the air right now. There are so many possibilities
I kind of feel like my heart is being stretched in so many directions.

I yearn for a cute place to call my own where Travis, George and I can just be so comfortable and happy.
My heart hurts to think of all the friends and family I will leave behind.
It’s like a war within myself.
The things I desperately want are tearing me apart.

The difficulty that comes with change reminds me of something very important that I learned from an older lady back in Colorado.
This was when we decided to come home to California back in 2014. I was saying goodbye, we both knew that we would probably never see one another again and I asked her, “How do you do it?”
She was so solemn and comforting.
She held my head in her hands and she smiled, “It’s life, my sweet, you move on, you meet new people. You will be fine.”

I knew that already.
I did; but it was another one of those moments that made my heart squeeze and tighten.
It’s one of the truths that we make ourselves blind to; life moves on.
We graduate high school (or college), we get married, we move, we start new and different jobs, we get older, our friends die, we live.

We live.

I don’t know what we will do yet, but I know that we will live.
We will be happy, despite whatever obstacles are thrown our way and we will do it with a positive joy!

What are you determined to do, despite any circumstances that might change in your life?


7 thoughts on “For the Person Who Hates Change

  1. You will be missed if you do end up leaving. But I also really look forward to being able to follow your blog as you go on your adventure and see lots of photos of your cute cups of coffee and writing in the new local coffee shop and hopefully also pics of the sunset against those amazing boulders and funky trees! I think you will really enjoy the beauty and simplicity of the town. I love you so much!

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  2. I understand every bit of what you wrote. My feelings have been similar to yours, especially these passed couple months. I personally am determined to focus more on the good things about having a new change/adventure that is right before me. At first I was looking at all the thoughts of having to start over in a new place, all the work I would need to do before we would actually be settled in, and all the family I will be leaving behind. But I started thinking beyond that. Thought of a project to do with my son, taking him to the beach, fishing on a boat in the gulf, having family bonding time and meeting new people who would turn into friends. And see friends again I had made, when I first was in Texas 9 years ago, 30 minutes away. Also thought about the brand new school year in the fall in a new place.

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    1. I kept thinking of you Misty when I wrote the article! You are so encouraging to me. You are being so positive in the crazy change that’s happening for you guys right now and turning it into an amazing and exciting thing šŸ˜Š I’m so excited for you guys!!!


  3. Personally I love change! The best memories and stories come from new adventures ! But still moving always has has its stress. So where is this possible new adventure be taking you?


  4. Wow, this is something I needed to read! I love your writing style, and these words totally capture what I am thinking! I am excited to move on to graduate school but at the same time I am scared. Life does go on, but change is scary and we just have to cope with it the best we can. Plus, change enables us to grow as a person. Whatever happens though, things will always turn out fine if we have a positive attitude! šŸ™‚

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    1. Oh Mayra! I am so happy you posted this comment. Knowing that it helped you makes me feel so so good! It’s really hard thinking about change, but you’re right life moves on and we just keep going! We will see what the future holds. A positive outlook is essential!!! šŸ’•


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