Who’s Afraid of the Big Blank Page?


There are times when I just can’t bring myself to write, but when I do, a little bit every day, that is when the magic starts to happen. It’s gradual really.

The more I give myself over to the words in my head, to be creative in whatever outlet I feel comfortable with, the more I am truly able to enjoy the process.

There will be times when I stare at the blank computer screen or the blank page in my notebook and I do feel blocked.

I’ve noticed that when I’m plagued by these bouts of unease, it’s because I am thinking way too hard and letting my inner critic get the best of me before I have even started putting my pen to paper. It’s awful isn’t it? Have you ever felt that way and given up on your good ideas?

A war is raging constantly. It is a battle inside against the self-doubt, the embarrassment and the negative ideas that pop up and leave me reeling. I love to write, but, am I good enough? What will people think? Is it too dark? Is it too joyful? What am I doing!

If you have every been tormented by your own negative thoughts, then you need to be reminded of this: You are lovely. You are enough. You matter.

Since I have made it a constant in my life, I feel more energized. My thoughts and ideas are more organized and I am so passionate about my projects. It is so easy to let your inner critic suffocate your creativity, so I have created a simple, battle plan, so to speak when it comes to my own personal irritant (myself)!

Just keep writing. Write, every single day.

Your words don’t have to be magic, but you do need to keep writing. If you stop for even one day, you are permitting the starved vultures of doubt to swirl around your budding idea or work in progress. You don’t even have to focus on your critical stories and ideas every day, but just make it a point to sit down and write.

What activities or exercises help you to keep writing? What works for you?




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One thought on “Who’s Afraid of the Big Blank Page?

  1. Writing everyday helps a lot because then you develop a pattern, a habit of writing. & with time you realize you will always be getting better, but that’s good it means you are growing.😄

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