Be Accountable – Writing Goals!


Camp NaNoWriMo is in July this year. The last few times I have participated in the writing challenge I have failed miserably, which is embarrassing! I understand though, looking back at my circumstances during those times I realize that it wasn’t a priority.

Every day, working on this blog, teaches me something new about myself. It’s not easy to fit everything you want to say in a small space, but when you find the perfect words to describe what you are feeling or experiencing, it can be amazing.

The people who know me will understand, I have  tendency to, in person, take forever to get to the point. I’ve done this since I was a kid.

When I write, every word counts. This is why, right now I am obsessed with short stories. The good ones are incredible. They should be jam packed full of goodness. The writers is able to connect to you in a way that is haunting. The story sticks with you.

This July I am challenging myself to sit down and actually write out a complete short story.

Are you participating in any writing challenges? What are your writing goals and how do you keep them?






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