Home At Last

I am so happy.
My husband and I finally found our own place.

It is a little trailer in a rural area of the city.
About 10 minutes further from anywhere we need to go and no internet.
I don’t really care about that.
We’ve been feeling the need to relax a bit more anyway.

It is a joy to clean my own little place.
I am still in awe that we have it.
It’s perfect for us.

We don’t mind living small.
It has all happened so quickly!
Thursday night we viewed the trailer and spoke with the landlord for about an hour. She was so nice. We spoke honestly and it was a great visit.

Travis called me Friday and said that she wanted us to meet her husband, did that mean we were approved? Yes!

There was a hesitation. We were waiting on our application for a beautiful 3 bedroom in the Joshua Tree area, but we really wanted to stay in the area with most of our family and friends.

We started moving in Saturday. Sunday was our first night in the trailer.

How amazing to drink my coffee in the morning!

I really can’t say how ecstatic and joyful I am.

The last year hasn’t been what I imagined I needed.
I strove to be content and happy with what I had.
It has made me so much more grateful for everything in my life.
I’ve realized that it has been a healing balm on my heart.

Gail, my amazing aunt has put up with Travis and I for almost a whole year.

There were times when I thought we would never find a rental.
Good things happen when you aren’t looking for them.
Well here we are.

All of my dreams have come true.


4 thoughts on “Home At Last

  1. Congrats and welcome to my blog! Thank you for your interest and I’m very happy to have found your blog with the exception of the creature in the banner picture that looks like an otter and a tarantula had a baby. Maybe this is just what tarantula’s look like, i try not to look at them, and this is just making it all the more terrifying. I love otters, do NOT love spiders. However, I accept their right to live and I will move on. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad I found your blog! You are so brave to just quit and start writing full time! Haha I don’t exactly love spiders either. I think they are beautiful and terrifying creatures. To me it shows how you can find something beautiful and positive in every situation and person. It’s hard but you can do it 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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