My Very Own Writing Space


Tonight will mark our first week in this trailer.
I can’t say how happy I am to have our own little space.
There is a place for everything.
We can live simply and be content with what we have.

Travis set up a desk in the bunk room for me.
I’m typing here as we speak.
I don’t have the little window open yet.
My face is all greasy from sleep.
I’m savoring this peaceful morning.

It has been a long time since I had a little spot to write.

I feel so ready for Camp NaNoWriMo.
It starts next Friday on July 1st.

I haven’t really done much preparation.
I’m actually kind of on the fence about “pantsing” or “planning.”
I’ve won planning my project and I have won with no preparation.
I have also failed doing both.

When I have a special place to write I usually achieve my goals.
This is probably just a mindset I need to change, but at least it’s a pattern I am finally noticing!

I will be posting every week to update on my progress.
The plan is this will keep me accountable to my writing goals!

What have you discovered is best for your writing space? Do you find it easier to have a spot at home to write, or do you like going wherever the wind takes you? 



5 thoughts on “My Very Own Writing Space

  1. I write at my desk. Usually I’ll be thinking on the subject in advance; only moments when I can’t sleep or I’m in the shower are when I truly have those “ah-ha!” thoughts. That’s when I feel I have an idea I believe can be great.

    Nowadays my writing is different than it used to be. I write stories, settings and characters for Role-Playing Games. I invite some friends over, they all play the characters they’ve created and we take part in what can be described as a group story session. I present the scenarios and things they encounter, they tell me how they want to act in the situation and dice are rolled to see if they succeed or fail at their tasks. It’s brought a lot of enjoyment to everyone involved and everyone comes away from a few hours of laughter and enjoyment with new stories to tell.


  2. Oh for the want of my own wirting sounds lovely 😉
    Oddly enough even though I prefer to write in solitary, I think most of my best focus comes from writing while on a long train journey: I guess I just try and tune out there.

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