Ready. Set. Go!


Camp NaNoWriMo has begun! I ended day 1 with a whopping 75 words!

I am proud of that little paragraph. I spent a good half of my day in a volunteer work, two hours with my husband trying to figure out where our health insurance stood, and about two more hours eating a good meal together.

We ended up in the ER again after that. He had been in pain all day, and every day since the desert. They don’t know what it is. It’s frustrating, especially considering how expensive each visit to the ER is and that when we leave it is only with more questions.

On a positive note! Let’s think about how we can meet our goals even with a super busy schedule.

  1. Bring your notebook and pen, or smart phone or tablet along with you everywhere you go. You might be busy with errands, or emergency situations, but you can still pull out your phone and type out a sentence or two.
  2. Don’t give up. It’s true I’m disappointed that my day one didn’t go exactly as I planned, but isn’t that how life is? Nothing goes the way you think it should. You have to roll with it and write when you can.
  3. Tell people about your goals! My husband is a big support of my writing goals. He is the one who told me to pull out my phone and write one paragraph. It felt so good. If your friends and family know you are serious about your goals they will try their best to encourage you!

I have a small goal for July. It is to write 5000 words. It isn’t a huge amount like regular NaNoWriMo which is in November, but it is a personalized goal that fits my needs right now. I am working on a themed short story series, with the theme: waiting.

What are your writing goals for the month of July and how do you plan on meeting them? 


4 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Go!

  1. Hi. It’s nice to read about other people’s writing adventures. I don’t usually set writing goals because I write in every spare moment as it is, but by the end of July I would expect that my final of all final reads (I’ve prob done about 6 drafts and now it’s perfect) of my book The Quadrants (YA fantasy), would be finished by then, and hope I would be well into a big final edit of a YA romance I did last year called The Muse. I submitted it to about 20 agents at the time but it was rejected, so I put it on Wattpad and they seemed to love it. It’s now up to almost 20k reads.

    It’s funny but now reading it back, I can see why it was rejected. My writing was so awkward, but since I’ve almost finished 4 books now, I’ve improved my writer’s-voice dramatically, and will take great pleasure in fixing it up and sending that off too. But it might take till the end of August until The Muse is finished.

    I notice that the more I write ie. get into the world of my characters, the more I want to write. I even miss my characters when I’m not in there with them. If I’m busy for a few days and can’t write, I’m definitely less interested in getting started. I normally take my laptop with me if I ever suspect that there will be half an hour or more that I’ll have to wait somewhere, or if I’m on a train etc. Last summer I took a not book and pen with me to the beach because I had to keep going with the kids, but all I wanted to do was write. So I wrote and they swam.

    If only I could go away for a month and just write. I could get everything finished and start the next one I have planned. That’d be very satisfying. 🙂

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  2. I am doing #1stdraftdiary at the ssme time as #NaNoWriMo. Trying to get the novel down on paper ( computer) as quick as possible no matter how bad it is. No editing just typing. Just go forward for now. Its lovely to see what others are up to.

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