A Watched Clock

This is the longest gap between updates and it feels awful! I hate that I haven’t been posting. I’ve had tooth trouble… I got a filling and it was pretty big. 

Next thing I know I’m making an ER root canal appointment, which I end up having to reschedule since I don’t have $1600 to hand over! 

It’s the joys of dental work. 

It’s been a rough little while due to that, but I’ve been looking on the bright side. 

I have a great dentist who actually cares about their patients. 

I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get secondary dental insurance and when we do… Root canal here I come! 

I have watched a ton of Sailor Moon and Jane the Virgin  ğŸ’•

While we save up and watch the clock, so to speak I am definitely scared. I have a really difficult time relinquishing control, so the dentist, the oral surgeon, they really scare me. I can’t do anything and I have no idea what they’re doing, and do I want to? No! 

So, here’s to staying positive and joyful despite pain and discomfort!

How do you keep up with your writing goals despite problems with health? 


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