Be Content


I have been thinking a lot about contentment lately.

We are bombarded from all sides.
Advertisements, the media, and social networking make us want more.
I am certainly not immune to that.

I see really cute posts on instagram of these adorable paper supplies that I love.
I see beautiful homes, designer clothes, amazing vacation retreats.
It makes me wonder.
Am I content with what I have?

We live in a rental.
We have a car with 200,000+ miles.
A cat that lives with with my Mom.
A job I love.
We are surrounded by family and friends who love and support us.
We do have a pile of medical bills that’s getting higher and higher…

I see a lot more good than bad in that list, don’t you?

True contentment is being happy with what you have and finding the joy that comes from every day life.

Sometimes it feels like your whole world is exploding.
Stress and anxiety are eating you up and it makes you crazy.
It feels like you’re being dragged under by the weight of it all.
It’s easy to let that happen.

In some situations, the only thing you really have any control over, is your attitude.

I think it’s a super power. A positive and joyful attitude is the key to contentment.

This doesn’t mean that I never succumb to the feelings of disappointment and fear.
I consciously try my best to keep site of the best in every situation.
Usually, I am very surprised at how many good things I end up writing down.

We have a true super power at our fingertips.

So here it is, I say, let’s try our best to spread joy and positivity to everyone.
You never know who needs a bit of happiness in their day.

What are some of the personal goals you would like to work on?


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