Cavity Blues


Well, I haven’t posted in a really, really long time. I fell off the face of the earth!

We’ve had a lot going on.
Travis health hasn’t been great, but gradually he’s gotten a lot better.

I haven’t been to the dentist in like 6 months.
There is a cavity that’s acting up.
So we call to schedule an appointment and they say, “We only take people who are under 25 years old.”
Here I am wondering why they took my husband and I when I’m 29 and he’s 35?

Oh well, we need a new dentist.
I was just getting comfortable with my last one!
There’s always something to worry about… I am so anxious about the dentist.

In more exciting news…

It starts July 1st.
I am all in!

I have a great idea…
It all starts with a princess, an amulet and a mystery.

Here’s to lots of fun in July.
My plan is to post every few days with my word count updates. Please help me stick to it guys! Thanks


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