Ready. Set. Go!


Camp NaNoWriMo has begun! I ended day 1 with a whopping 75 words!

I am proud of that little paragraph. I spent a good half of my day in a volunteer work, two hours with my husband trying to figure out where our health insurance stood, and about two more hours eating a good meal together.

We ended up in the ER again after that. He had been in pain all day, and every day since the desert. They don’t know what it is. It’s frustrating, especially considering how expensive each visit to the ER is and that when we leave it is only with more questions.

On a positive note! Let’s think about how we can meet our goals even with a super busy schedule.

  1. Bring your notebook and pen, or smart phone or tablet along with you everywhere you go. You might be busy with errands, or emergency situations, but you can still pull out your phone and type out a sentence or two.
  2. Don’t give up. It’s true I’m disappointed that my day one didn’t go exactly as I planned, but isn’t that how life is? Nothing goes the way you think it should. You have to roll with it and write when you can.
  3. Tell people about your goals! My husband is a big support of my writing goals. He is the one who told me to pull out my phone and write one paragraph. It felt so good. If your friends and family know you are serious about your goals they will try their best to encourage you!

I have a small goal for July. It is to write 5000 words. It isn’t a huge amount like regular NaNoWriMo which is in November, but it is a personalized goal that fits my needs right now. I am working on a themed short story series, with the theme: waiting.

What are your writing goals for the month of July and how do you plan on meeting them? 


Be Accountable – Writing Goals!


Camp NaNoWriMo is in July this year. The last few times I have participated in the writing challenge I have failed miserably, which is embarrassing! I understand though, looking back at my circumstances during those times I realize that it wasn’t a priority.

Every day, working on this blog, teaches me something new about myself. It’s not easy to fit everything you want to say in a small space, but when you find the perfect words to describe what you are feeling or experiencing, it can be amazing.

The people who know me will understand, I have  tendency to, in person, take forever to get to the point. I’ve done this since I was a kid.

When I write, every word counts. This is why, right now I am obsessed with short stories. The good ones are incredible. They should be jam packed full of goodness. The writers is able to connect to you in a way that is haunting. The story sticks with you.

This July I am challenging myself to sit down and actually write out a complete short story.

Are you participating in any writing challenges? What are your writing goals and how do you keep them?





Should You Write What You Know?


Should it be a general rule to write what you know? For informational writing, yes, of course, you write what you know. You research, you learn and you share this knowledge with others. What about fantasy, mystery, science fiction… do we still write what we know?

I have been a writer since I was a little girl. I remember writing a story about a scary face in the window. It’s a silly story, it didn’t make much sense, but reading it as an adult I’m left with this lingering worry. What was that scary face in the window? Why was it there? Why wasn’t the main character more disturbed by it? Is it because that sort of thing happened a lot? I don’t know. I am left with all of these questions that I need an answer to. Well I am the author, maybe I should find out!

What kind of nonsense was going on in my head as a child? I don’t know! I remember being a pretty care-free kid. At least until I got to be a teenager of course, I turned into a tiny ball of anxiety.

Although I have been a writer forever, I have allowed myself to be that tiny ball of anxiety for far too long. I absolutely love writing stories. I love reading books about princesses who are hidden, lost or about girls of all ages who reach their hidden potential and realize that they are a kick butt female who can do anything they put their mind to!

My dream is to write stories and share them with people all around the world: stories about people who are strong and fierce, but kind, loyal and humble as well. I want to write stories about real people, but in places and times where I have never been. Is that possible?

Of course! There are countless fantasy worlds that have been created from the tiniest seed of an idea inside the author’s mind. For me, it can start as a general feeling as I’m walking down the street, or while I’m washing the dishes or in the tubby. I love taking a bath. I always end up getting the best ideas, but my hands are wet, I have nothing to write on… excuses!

When people said, “Write what you know,” I used to think that they meant write about your life, and that’s it. I have come to realize though, that it means you write about the themes, the ideas and the circumstances that are swirling in your head. You write to make sense of the world and your place in it. You write to make people understand that there is so much more to the world than this.

Our lives can be magical, joyful, suspenseful, and truly delicious in a creative and full way. We need to allow ourselves to be expressive. As a writer this means taking the time to write. Take no prisoners, unless that’s part of your plot. Make a goal to stave off the excuses and just write!

How do you feel about writing what you know? What positive experiences have you had by pushing past your inner critic to keep writing?