A Watched Clock

This is the longest gap between updates and it feels awful! I hate that I haven’t been posting. I’ve had tooth trouble… I got a filling and it was pretty big. 

Next thing I know I’m making an ER root canal appointment, which I end up having to reschedule since I don’t have $1600 to hand over! 

It’s the joys of dental work. 

It’s been a rough little while due to that, but I’ve been looking on the bright side. 

I have a great dentist who actually cares about their patients. 

I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get secondary dental insurance and when we do… Root canal here I come! 

I have watched a ton of Sailor Moon and Jane the Virgin  💕

While we save up and watch the clock, so to speak I am definitely scared. I have a really difficult time relinquishing control, so the dentist, the oral surgeon, they really scare me. I can’t do anything and I have no idea what they’re doing, and do I want to? No! 

So, here’s to staying positive and joyful despite pain and discomfort!

How do you keep up with your writing goals despite problems with health? 


Camp NaNoWriMo – Update


I’ve discovered it’s been more difficult to get into the writing zone lately. The biggest change is that I have my cozy little home now. I have my own writing space, but it feels like I’ve also gotten ten times busier since the move. It feels like I don’t write as much, but I’m still finding the time to write a little bit every day.

I am really enjoying July’s Camp NaNoWriMo. It is a really great way to stay accountable to your writing goals. My goal is super simple this time. I am writing 5,000 words. It is a series of short stories with one theme: waiting.

My goal is 150 words a day. It’s a lot less than my goals have been for NaNoWriMo in the past, but I feel that it’s perfect for how my life is right now. Sometimes, you have to focus on the small things. For me, it’s writing every day and keeping it meaningful. So many times in the past I have met the goal of 50,000 words, but I throw most of the story away later.

July is my accountability month. Write something that counts and get it done! In November I’ll definitely strive for the 50k, but for now I’m sticking with a reasonable goal.

How are you doing with your Camp NaNoWriMo challenge? What are the obstacles you find yourself facing?

Two Truths and a Lie


I used to be obsessed with Red Bull, the energy drink. When I worked nights at the nursing home the caffeine and sugar helped me stay awake! I don’t even remember the last day I had one. I haven’t had one since I started working at my AAP!

My cat George lost one of his fangs when he was attacked by an animal while we lived in Colorado. His tongue hangs out from the missing tooth and makes him look kind of derpy now. He still looks as fierce and angry as ever when he stares at someone.

When I was in 6th grade my principle was moving on to a bigger and better job. We had a huge assembly with the whole school. I wrote a poem for her and sang it in front of everyone. I don’t remember the words or the  melody, but I will always remember her smile.

Can you guess my lie?

Ready. Set. Go!


Camp NaNoWriMo has begun! I ended day 1 with a whopping 75 words!

I am proud of that little paragraph. I spent a good half of my day in a volunteer work, two hours with my husband trying to figure out where our health insurance stood, and about two more hours eating a good meal together.

We ended up in the ER again after that. He had been in pain all day, and every day since the desert. They don’t know what it is. It’s frustrating, especially considering how expensive each visit to the ER is and that when we leave it is only with more questions.

On a positive note! Let’s think about how we can meet our goals even with a super busy schedule.

  1. Bring your notebook and pen, or smart phone or tablet along with you everywhere you go. You might be busy with errands, or emergency situations, but you can still pull out your phone and type out a sentence or two.
  2. Don’t give up. It’s true I’m disappointed that my day one didn’t go exactly as I planned, but isn’t that how life is? Nothing goes the way you think it should. You have to roll with it and write when you can.
  3. Tell people about your goals! My husband is a big support of my writing goals. He is the one who told me to pull out my phone and write one paragraph. It felt so good. If your friends and family know you are serious about your goals they will try their best to encourage you!

I have a small goal for July. It is to write 5000 words. It isn’t a huge amount like regular NaNoWriMo which is in November, but it is a personalized goal that fits my needs right now. I am working on a themed short story series, with the theme: waiting.

What are your writing goals for the month of July and how do you plan on meeting them? 

Hospital Blues


My heart races as I sit patiently.
I’m trying to breath regularly.
My eyes burn, but mostly the left one.

Hours of starting at a computer screen, that’s what I will say if they see me wiping away the wetness.

It’s important for me to stay strong, reliable, positive.

He is in another room.
Silly from pain medication and anxious nerves.

He is a sweet boy when he looks at me, “you are so beautiful.”

I don’t know what to think.
I’m scared.

My Very Own Writing Space


Tonight will mark our first week in this trailer.
I can’t say how happy I am to have our own little space.
There is a place for everything.
We can live simply and be content with what we have.

Travis set up a desk in the bunk room for me.
I’m typing here as we speak.
I don’t have the little window open yet.
My face is all greasy from sleep.
I’m savoring this peaceful morning.

It has been a long time since I had a little spot to write.

I feel so ready for Camp NaNoWriMo.
It starts next Friday on July 1st.

I haven’t really done much preparation.
I’m actually kind of on the fence about “pantsing” or “planning.”
I’ve won planning my project and I have won with no preparation.
I have also failed doing both.

When I have a special place to write I usually achieve my goals.
This is probably just a mindset I need to change, but at least it’s a pattern I am finally noticing!

I will be posting every week to update on my progress.
The plan is this will keep me accountable to my writing goals!

What have you discovered is best for your writing space? Do you find it easier to have a spot at home to write, or do you like going wherever the wind takes you? 


Home At Last

I am so happy.
My husband and I finally found our own place.

It is a little trailer in a rural area of the city.
About 10 minutes further from anywhere we need to go and no internet.
I don’t really care about that.
We’ve been feeling the need to relax a bit more anyway.

It is a joy to clean my own little place.
I am still in awe that we have it.
It’s perfect for us.

We don’t mind living small.
It has all happened so quickly!
Thursday night we viewed the trailer and spoke with the landlord for about an hour. She was so nice. We spoke honestly and it was a great visit.

Travis called me Friday and said that she wanted us to meet her husband, did that mean we were approved? Yes!

There was a hesitation. We were waiting on our application for a beautiful 3 bedroom in the Joshua Tree area, but we really wanted to stay in the area with most of our family and friends.

We started moving in Saturday. Sunday was our first night in the trailer.

How amazing to drink my coffee in the morning!

I really can’t say how ecstatic and joyful I am.

The last year hasn’t been what I imagined I needed.
I strove to be content and happy with what I had.
It has made me so much more grateful for everything in my life.
I’ve realized that it has been a healing balm on my heart.

Gail, my amazing aunt has put up with Travis and I for almost a whole year.

There were times when I thought we would never find a rental.
Good things happen when you aren’t looking for them.
Well here we are.

All of my dreams have come true.